Shirley Chisholm

Our next  Dope Queen is Shirley Chisholm! She was the first African American Congresswoman and first African American woman from a major party to run for President. Chisholm was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. As a child she lived for a time with her Grandmother in Barbados. Chisholm attended Brooklyn College graduating in 1946. She taught at a nursery school while attending Columbia University earning a masters degree in Education.
Chisholm was a director of The Friends Nursery, then Hamilton-Madison Childcare Center from 1953-1959. She was an educational consultant for the New York City’s Bureau of Child Welfare from 1959 to 1964. Working in childcare peaked Chisholm’s interest in politics, she volunteered for the Bedford Stuyvesant Political League and League of Women Voters. Chisholm was a member of the New York State Assembly from 1965 to 1968, and was elected as the Democratic National Committeewoman from New York State in 1968.
That same year Chisholm ran for U.S House of Representative from the New York’s 12th district and  won in an upset. Chisholm choose an all female staff for her office, half of whom were African American. In 1971 she joined the Congressional Black Caucus as a founding member. January 25th 1972 Chisholm announced her bid to run for President.
Not only was she the first major-party candidate to run for President, she was the first woman to ever run for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination. Her campaign logo was “Unbought and Unbossed”. Chisholm’s bid was unsuccessful and she lost to Herbert Humphrey. She held her seat in congress until retirement in 1982 and  went on to teach politics and sociology at Mt Holyoke College in Massachusetts before retiring in 1993. #americanhistory#blackhistorymonth #blackexcellence#blackgirlsrock #28daysofblackcosplay
AJ as Shirley Chisholm aj-shirley-chisholm


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