Amelia Boynton on Bloody Sunday in Selma

Today is the 52 anniversary of the ill fated March from Selma to Montgomery. Amelia Boynton and 600 other demonstrators attempted to march for voter rights and to protest the murder of Jimmy Lee Jackson. They were beaten, tear gassed, and arrested by Alabama State Troopers as they tried to cross the bridge.

The photos of Boynton, bloodied and unconscious, caused a national outrage. On March 25 1965, 50,000 marchers successfully made it from Selma to Montgomery, lead by Dr Martin Luther King. Later that year President Lyndon B Johnson signed the Voters Rights Act of 1965.


I wasn’t looking for notoriety [when we marched]. But if that’s what it took [to get attention], I didn’t care how many licks I got. It just made me even more determined to fight for our cause. – Amelia Boynton Robinson


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