Twinspirations Week 1: The Original Bad and Boujee Baes

Welcome to Twinspirations, our newest cosplay series! We’re kicking things off with The Original Bad and Boujee Baes!

Adobe Spark

These sitcom stars were “Bad and Boujee” before it was cool.  Meet Whitley Gilbert (A Different World) and Hilary Banks (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)


Hilary Banks: SoCal Socialite, cousin to Will

What makes her Bad and Boujee:

Hilary started out shallow and shopping obsessed. She eventually moved up the ladder from local weather girl to nationally syndicated talk show queen!


Whitley Gilbert – Southern Belle, Hillman College Undergrad

What makes her Bad and Boujee:

Whitley was the epitome of a Southern Belle: Charming and Beautiful, Stylish and Intelligent. She came to Hillman for her MRS degree and left with a degree in Art History and Business.


Who’s your favorite Bad and Boujee Bae? Let us know in the comments!


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