The Dope Twins Take CONvergence! Part 1

Earlier this month Stephanie and I attended CONvergence, a super dope fandom convention in Bloomington, MN. We had a blast and wanted to share our adventures with our fans. Here’s part one of The Dope Twins Take CONvergence!


Stephanie had to work, so I hung out with my boyfriend (and Dope Queens photographer), Nate! We decided to dress as Carmen Sandiego and Waldo. We got stopped so many times by people who “found us”. I loved every minute of it!
I had the honor of speaking on several panels during Con. My first one (Diversity and Inclusion in Fan Spaces) was also one of the first of the day. I got to talk about what it’s like to be a black and female fan, and how spaces can be more inclusive. The audience was super receptive, which was awesome.
Convergence Panel 1
AlysshaRose speaking on the Diversity and Inclusion panel.
After the panel we got checked in, then grabbed lunch at our hotel’s beautiful restaurant. Nate and I and got a kick out of watching people doing double takes at the sight of Waldo and Carmen Sandiego eating together.


We tried to figure out our schedule, which was super hard as there were so many things to see and do!
Carmen in Bilbo Baggins’ Bag End, a Hobbit Themed Party Room.
Nate hit up some panels while I wandered around to get the lay of the land. It was fun to see everyone’s cosplay. There were so many creative and talented people at CON! Later we met up to hit up some themed party rooms, then went to bed. The con is four days, so it was important to conserve energy!




Nate and I got up early to sign up for Artemis, a spaceship bridge simulator game. There’s always a wait to play, but somehow Nate and I lucked out and got to play immediately.
The view from the Artemis bridge!
After we had finished the game, I went and picked up Stephanie from work. I’m a convention vet, but this was her first time attending a fan convention ever. We got dressed as Sarah and Helena from Orphan Black ,then hit the Convention floor. Stephanie was a little overwhelmed. Thankfully, she had her “seestra” to help her out.


We spent a few hours on the Convention floor and checked out a cool circus show in the main room.


Soon it was time to change into our second set of costumes for the night. I was Eartha Kitt era Catwoman:
Stephanie dressed as a character of her own creation: Beyoncé -Quinn. Beyoncé-Quinn was a mash up of Beyoncé from the Hold-Up video and Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn. She even had a bat that said Hot Sauce. It was such a cool look!


I had a late night panel on women of color in comic books. I was a little nervous as I’m a light comic book reader. It went so well! I spoke with the amazing Morgan Strickland, who knows her stuff.
So, Catwoman, Beyoncé-Quinn, and Marty Mcfly walk into a TARDIS…
After the panel, we met up again with Nate, who was cosplaying as Marty McFly from Back to the Future. We hit up the party rooms with gusto!


Rice break in Con Suite



We checked out a theme room called the Assassin Guild. There I decided to try a potent drink called “Dragons Breath.” They warned me that it was 190 proof grain alcohol and would burn all the way down. Nevertheless, I persisted. Bad Life Choice!


My throat felt like it was on fire! On top of that my stomach churned and bubbled as the booze made its way through its system. I guess that’s why they called it Dragon’s Breath! I decided to take some tums and call it a night. We still had two days of con left, and I wanted to make sure I was well rested and recovered.
Check back for Part 2 of The Dope Twins Take Convergence!

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  1. I love you and your sister ability to be brave enough to indulge in Cosplay and be a minority. I often struggle with this as I am an introvert and many of my friends aren’t into it. You have given me hopes of conquering my fear and attending a convention one day.

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